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Sedna API

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with Sedna API

You would like 100% autonomy about your web design.

 Sedna API enables to transfer all informations to your website,

including boat availabilities, prices and details as well as options & bookings functions.

Sedna API Core Features

To increase your Revenue

For Brokers:

  • Boat Results
  • Cabin results
  • Check a boat availability
  • Boat characteristics
  • Extras of the boats
  • List of all extras/Characteristics
  • Destinations, countries, bases
  • List of Fleet Operators
  • Languages
  • List of all boats
  • List of all models
  • List of all Special Offers
  • List of boat types
  • Insert a client
  • Insert a request of Booking/option
  • Agent details
  • Selection of the fleets for the API
  • Login 2.0
  • Command menu
  • Command Action
  • Available bases
  • Client details
  • Get charters Data


If you prefer to have a total control and freedom of your web design and content, with valuable boat data to display, then choose Sedna API!

Indeed, you can access all data via Sedna API to display them on your website (in your search engine, or boat pages, etc.)

You will get them in real-time so you will provide accurate informations to your customers and efficiency to your sales team.

The API features are gathered in a comprehensive and up-to-date documentation, accessible in your back-office.

Each feature is detailed with parameters and attributes information and illustrated with an example for a better understanding.

Our IT Team is fully available to offer support for the API integration.

For Fleets:

  • Availabilities
  • Results
  • Check the availability of a boat
  • Characteristics of a boat (equipment)
  • Extras of a boat
  • Destinations, countries
  • List of the boats
  • Login 2.0
  • [B2C/B2B] Charter’s Details
  • Fleet Details
  • Insert a client
  • Insert a request of Booking/option
  • Update a client
  • Get Booking data

Sedna API Pricing

For Brokers & Fleet Operators

Yearly Subscription

350 € / per month

  • Opening & Set-Up Support
  • Integration Support
  • All Features
  • Free Up-to-Date Documentations

Customization Requests! As you know, Sedna is “à la carte” which means that we are flexible and willing to always match our products with your specific needs. Do not hesitate to ask for specific API data!

Optimize your sales process with Sedna Proposal! Coupled with your Search Engine, you will save time and efficiency, managing all your requests in a pro-active way! More info >

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