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For an optimal business organization, manage all your daily activities within a same plateform,

with access to real-time data of +200 fleets , +5800 boats, powerful sales, accounting, administrative & marketing tools included.

The Full Broker Pack is 100% adapted to your charter business.

Full Broker Pack Core Features

to optimize your Productivity!

Fleet Plannings

Fleet Plannings

This module enables you to:

  • Manage Planning Requests
  • Sort plannings by Charter type or Fleet
  • Open fast or full planning
  • Get fleet Info & Base Info

All plannings display data in real-time so that you can manage your charter inquiries with confidence and efficiency.

Sedna Proposal

Sedna Proposal

Manage all your quotations with Sedna Proposal which is:

  • fully customizable in several languages,
  • with clever settings to create templates anf fill in emails automatically,
  • with extensive edition tool for you to save much time,
  • with email tracking & Stats to follow your sales.



The Accounting section enables you to manage your relation between your agency & your client and your relation between your agency & your fleet operators.

It includes:

  • Payment Reminders
  • Payment Control
  • Financial Reporting

LYCAN & Special Offers

LYCAN & Special Offers

We offer 3 Search Engines:

  • LYCAN – List Yacht Search Availability Now – built with accurate criteria & filters, for you to check yacht availabilities of all fleets in the same time,
  • A Search Engine dedicated to cabin charter,
  • The “Special Offers” that displays specific fleet offers, mainly for One-Way charters.

Option / Booking Module

Option / Booking Module

This module is dedicated to broker/fleet interactions regarding recent charter files.

It has a real success with Sedna brokers because its intuitive ergonomics enables you to manage with just few clicks all your current options & bookings at each stage of sale.

A Search History is also available for you to easily find the files you recently searched for.

Marketing & CRM

Marketing & CRM

Marketing & CRM tools are available such as:
Client Data Base
Satisfaction Survey
Special Offers

Moreover, in each product back-office, usage stats are provided.



You need to display a Search Engine in your website? YourSearch is at your disposal:

  • Responsive Search Engine
  • Accurate Search Criteria
  • All boats managed in Sedna
  • Boat availabilities displayed in real-time
  • Dynamic quotations with prices, extras, discounts managed in real-time
  • “Special offers” tool to display your own offers
  • Customizable to match with your site design
  • Can fit in your Facebook page

Booking Management

Booking Management

Very powerful and well-thought, this tool supports both Broker/fleet and broker/client interactions using the action buttons provided at each step of sale.

It enables to see at a glance the status of your sales so to know at once what has been done and what has to be done.

It includes a complete Client file with all charter documents (such as Crew List, Skipper Resume).



Practical tools are available for you to automate as much as possible and gain productivity:

Users settings
Email templates
Document Library
Terms & Conditions
YourSearch Back-Office
Sedna App Back-Office
YourApp Back-Office

Full Broker Pack Pricing

Depending on our Clients Status

Yearly Subscription

350 € / per month

  • Unlimited Users
  • Opening & Set-Up
  • All Features
  • Full Support

Customization Requests! As you know, Sedna is “à la carte” which means that we are flexible and willing to always match our products with your specific needs at additional customization fees.

Subscribing to Full Broker pack gives you access to Sedna App with an unbeatable price. To know more: click here.

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